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I have been composing and remixing for twenty years. I'd love to make music for you! Are you a songwriter that needs a backing track? A rapper that needs a beat? Do you have a commercial or video game that needs a unique score? Are you looking for a fresh remix for your hot single? I'm the dude for the job! Please check out my examples below.


I composed this for an in-the-works project that is very colorful and fun.


I composed this theme for a local radio station program, "Sunday Night Service."


This theme is from a short film entitled "Sunday" - we're putting little boy Buster to bed.

I was asked to compose the themes for a Twitch channel called "Legends of Localization."

I wrote the theme for a Comedy Central pilot called "The Scariest Show on Television."



Pillow Fight

(wrote and sang music for this MTV2 Bumper)

Time Thrashers

(wrote and sang music for this MTV Gamer's Week sketch)

Codename: Grouchy

(scored this sketch - co-composed with Nathan McLeod)

Me & My Hostage

(wrote and sang music for this mock sticom sketch)



I remixed MC Frontalot's "First World Problem" into this gem:

First World Problem (Mustin Mix) - MC Frontalot
00:00 / 00:00

I remixed Freezepop's "Pop Music Is Not A Crime" into this jam:

Pop Music Is Not A Crime (Mustin Mix) - Freezepop
00:00 / 00:00


I remixed the "Flying Man" theme from EarthBound into this mess:

Flying Man - EarthBound / Mustin
00:00 / 00:00


Are you a songwriter? Do you have a song (melody and words) in your head but no music? This girl came in and sang her song to a click track and then I created an original backing track around her vocals. I can do this for you!


Are you a rapper that needs a beat? On this track, rapper Beefy sent me the whole record with only his vocals, to which I slowly started to add pieces. First the keys, then some bass, some funk guitar, and then filling it out with the drums and some flair. I can do this for you, too!


Do you have a backing track/beat that isn't up to par? Maybe your cousin made it on a busted beat machine and recorded your scratch vocals next to an air conditioner and it doesn't sound radio ready? Here, 40 Korleone didn't like the beat or the quality of the track he was trying to make so I created an original beat inspired by what he was trying to do and he loved it! And I can do the same for you! 

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